WOLREC for women leaders

Women’s Legal Resources Center (WOLREC) has described the response from political parties to advocate for women leaders as positive.

The remark has come as the organization is meeting up with Women’s Advocacy Forums in Zomba district.

In an interview with YFM online, Project Coordinator for WOLREC Tisungane Irene Ntonga said in the past most political parties would support male candidates because they were thought to be strong contenders but the coming in of the project has enlightened them that women can also deliver.

“We are very happy with how political parties are embracing this project.We want them to understand that women are crucial in developmental issues therefore they should be given equal opportunities as men during campaign period,” she said.

Ntonga also hailed the women advocacy forums for the role they are playing in schooling communities on the importance of electing female candidates.

“The Women Advocacy Forums comprise of 20 women and 10 men and these people are responsible for conducting awareness in the communities.We have about, 30 advocacy forums in each district.”

WOLREC is implementing the, ‘Women Empowered for Leadership programme’ in Zomba, Blantyre and Nsanje.

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