Non-compliance worries association

Non-governmental organizations in the country are failing to comply with obligatory training standards for childcare givers, Executive Director of the Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi Archie Malisita has disclosed.

Malisita said the training runs for a period of six months comprised of the basic, practical and comprehensive stages.

He however said that most organizations are not complying with the requirement.

“Lack of understanding is making most organization’s to provide training for as little as two weeks,” Malisita told YFM online.

Malisita also disclosed that the trainings are also affected by the shortage of resources to facilitate the process.

He however drew a line of differentiation with clients from the private sector who are receiving proper training.

Meanwhile the organization is lobbying for the Government to assist in curbing the problem.

“We have requested Government to increase the funds allocated to childcare givers training,” he said.

At present the country has 35,000 caregivers of which 17,000 have received comprehensive training.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) services mostly target children from conception to eight years.

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