Man enjoys freedom after defiling daughter

A Mangochi based women’s group has expressed concern over the negligence by Mangochi police to arrest a man who is suspected of raping his 17 year-old biological daughter.

Chairperson for the grouping which fights for the welfare of the youth, children and young women in the area of Group Village Headman Kausi, Sakina Wilo, said the incident happened on October 23, 2017.

“The girl’s father went into the house where the girl was sleeping with her friends during the night and ordered other girls to move out of the house,” he said.

“Later the people heard the girl screaming and when they arrived at the scene, the father had already escaped.”

She further said that the matter was reported to the village headman who referred them to the police but the girl’s mother was reluctant to take the matter further saying if her husband is arrested her family would suffer.

“After hearing the incident, our group took the matter to police but surprisingly the police told us to go and apprehend the suspect a development we felt was uncalled for,” wondered Wilo.

She said the suspect has so far not been apprehended by police.

Mangochi Police Station Spokesperson, Rodrick Maida, said his office did not receive any complaint for the said case.

Maida said: “I have checked all the case files from that area but this case is not there. So to us this means the matter was not reported to police.”

He emphasized that defilement cases are regarded as serious offences and there is no way a civilian can be send to apprehend the suspect.

Maida advised the concerned party to report the matter though he was quick to suggest that the evidence might have been compromised.

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