Low usage of Disability Act Worries FEDOMA

Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi (FEDOMA) has attributed the low utilization of the Disability Act to lack of civic education.

The observation has come at the finish of the disability month which was observed from November 3 to December 3.

Programme Manager for FEDOMA, Simon Munde told YFM online that a few people with disabilities are aware of the disability act which was made a law in 2012.

“I would say that only a few people have come out to demand their rights where they feel they have been violated. This act has not been disseminated that much and this is a huge challenge,” said Munde.

According to him collaboration between government and other stakeholders is key to ensuring that all people are reached with information on the provisions of the disability act.

“Government should collaborate with other stakeholders to popularize this act so that persons with disabilities can grasp such important information and use it where necessary.

“As FEDOMA we have only managed to conduct a number of trainings but we cannot confidently say that all people with disabilities have knowledge on the act,” “he concluded.

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