MCP MPs in second day of boycott

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarians are in the second day of boycotting deliberations to force government to table the Electoral Reforms Bills.

The Business Committee of Parliament was on Tuesday morning locked in a meeting to map the way forward on the tabling of the bills.

MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was in attendance.

MCP Parliamentarians started the boycott on Monday afternoon.

Chakwera said his MPs will continue boycotting the proceedings until the bills are tabled during the on-going sitting.

“I walked out of Parliament because I want government to show the seriousness they have been promising,” said Chakwera to journalists after leading his MPs out of Parliament.

The MCP President said he demanded for a meeting by the Business Committee of Parliament to map the way forward on the issue.

“I have asked for the Business Committee to meet not tomorrow but today so that these bills appear on the order paper then we will proceed,” said Chakwera, also Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

The Electoral Reforms Bills include an amendment of Section 80(2) of the Constitution and Section 96(5) of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act proposing 50 percent plus one percent majority in Presidential election and an amendment of Section 81 (3) of the Constitution for swearing in of the President and Vice-President to be done after 30 days.

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