Good Vision Glasses opens outlet in Balaka

People with sight challenges around Balaka district are breathing a sigh of relief following the opening of a new eye care outlet shop by Good Vision Glasses.

According to Good Vision Glasses Country Director Ganizani Malata, Balaka is one the districts in Malawi with high cases of sight challenges which are mostly ignored.

Matala said in response to the status quo, his organization thought it wise to establish an eye care outlet in the district.

He said the outlet will provide free eye screening services and subsidized vision glasses to achieve a better and health nation.

“Vision glasses are very expensive more especially when you buy from high street shops in Malawi,” said Malata.

He further assured Malawians that his organization will soon extend its hand to many parts of the country to reach out to many less privileged people.

“By 2018 we are so optimistic that we will have other more six shops opened in the country.

“Sight challenge is a worldwide crisis. Over 150, 000 people around the world need sight glasses urgently,” Malata added.

In his remarks, Acting Director of Administration for Balaka District Council, Darlington Kawawa, described the development as a landmark.

Kawawa said previously Balaka never had an affordable glass selling shop, a situation which has been putting many people at a greater risk of visual impermanent.

“Now with the coming of Good vision Glasses people will be able to get the premium eye care service at an affordable price, it’s a great relief to people of Balaka,” he said.

One beneficially of the newly vision glass selling outlet, Masten Mpuzeni said prior to the launch of the shop it had been difficult for people like him to get vision glasses from either the public or private hospital in the district.

“We have one private owned shop that deals with eye cases here but its services are not affordable and it is a nightmare to get such service from a public hospital,” said Mpuzeni, who is perhaps in his late 50’s.

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