Cultural beliefs fueling gender based violence in Mulanje

Communities in Mulanje district have condemned some cultural practices that still diminishes women saying they are fueling gender based violence.

This was revealed during roadshows that Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) was conducting in the district as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence Campaign.

Speaking in a random interview with YFM online, Mary Destone said men feel they are superior to women and they can do everything as it pleases them which leaves women in dire situations.

“Mostly men do not give us the chance in decision making and whenever a woman tries to speak out her views they say we are insubordinate,” said the married woman.

Concurring with the woman, Tobias Ajibu said men act in such away because of the way the society perceives them.

“Men are considered to be the heads of the house hence their decisions cannot be questioned. Men also explore many things than women which puts women on a more disadvantaged side,” he said.

But however, going deeper in most areas of Mulanje district it was also discovered that it is not only married women who are victims of such beliefs.

Young girls are also faced with the similar challenge as most parents prioritize educating their male children unlike girls claiming educating a girl is a waste of time.

Richard Naluso, a teacher at Ruo Academy, acknowledged the weakness amongst many parents which really lowers the education of girls.

“Most parents in the district do not focus on educating their girl child because they believe that she will get married one day and the husband will take of her.

“In worst circumstances you will find that others betroth their children even at the age of 10 which leads to poor performance in school,” he explained.

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