Flash floods hit Kaliyeka, more than 50 people displaced

Flash floods destroyed more than 20 houses in Kaliyeka in Lilongwe on Saturday night leaving people homeless and their household property destroyed.

According to the residents of the area, heavy rains started from around 4 o’clock in the afternoon up to midnight which resulted chipasula river to flood.

One of the victims of the disaster, Charles Ngalande blamed government for ignoring calls to reconstruct Chipasula bridge which according to him, contributed to the flooding.

“Heavy rains overwhelmed the capacity of water tunnels supposed to control water flow at Chipasula bridge hence the floods,” lamented Ngalande.

Ngalande added that residents of the area have been asking government to reconstruct the bridge but nothing has been done.

Parliamentarian for the area, Ulemu Msungama rushed to the place around midnight to console the affected families.

Msungama appealed to government and well-wishers to come in and help the affected people with material and food items.

“This is so surprising to me. I have been hearing of flooding from rainfall but this is the first time my people has been heavily affected,” said Msungama.

However, some people have confided to YFM online that while some people are of the view that tunnels at Chipasula bridge have contributed to the disaster, others suggests that some affected households are those who illegally built houses along the river banks.

The disaster comes a day after heavy rains has also displaced 110 households in Rumphi district.

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