Female entrepreneurs to empower girls economically

Female Entrepreneurs Network (FEENNET) has embarked on a project known as Msuleni in order to impart skills to girls in secondary schools with the aim of making them financially stable.

The Operations Officer the organization, Elina Mwasinga said the project is going to empower girls economically.

“The project will impart different skills like making sanitary pads and also how to sow cloths among others,”Mwasinga told YFM Online.

She added that the initiative has come about considering high dropout rate and early marriages among girls.

Mwasinga said that one of the contributing factors for girls to take these risky behaviors is lack of monetary resource.

She indicated that the project will start in Lilongwe then afterwards it will also go to other regions of the country.

“It’s better to give the young girls a fishing rod rather than giving them fish for them to have that fish easily,” Mwasinga concluded.

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