Kunkuyu commends youth on political participation

Youth in the country have been commended for taking active role in politics in 2017 despite being denied key decision making positions in political parties.

Leader of Transformation Alliance pressure group, Moses Kunkuyu said 2017 was an opportunity to young people to realize their aspirations.

He said: “We have seen the overwhelming participation of the youth in political issues through social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Kunkuyu cited the victory of three young parliamentarians during the recent by-elections as major sign of their achievements.

“If you look at the composition of the current August house, there are young people who are sitting on various committees such as Public Accounts and Legal Affairs.”

He however argued that there is much to be done on the part of the political leaders whom he described as ‘selfish’.

“Most party leaders deny their young followers access to participate fully in the party’s real business.”

In 2017, political parties were accused of using their youth members in various malpractices such bullying supporters for other parties.

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