MET predicts rains in southern, central regions

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says Malawians from the central and southern regions should expect rains to resume from January 10.

Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, Jolamu Nkhokwe said this following the dry spell which has hit most parts of the regions for three weeks.

Nkhokwe attributed the situation to the influence of tropical cyclone in Madagascar which affected the rainfall patterns in Malawi and other neighboring countries.

“Currently the situation has changed so we should expect that the rains will resume soon. Some areas have already started receiving the rains.”

Nkhokwe however warned Malawians to be extra careful as the rains will be associated with thunderstorms and lightening.

He further warned that the thunderstorms and lightening may cause some casualties, hence people should observe the weather when leaving their homes.

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