NRB dismisses fears of expiry of national IDs

The National Registration Bureau (NRB) has downplayed fears by many Malawians over the emerging differences on expiry dates of the newly released national identity cards.

This comes as a response to the numerous questions raised by Malawians concerning the National IDs.

Spokesperson for NRB, Norman Fulatila told YFM online that the expiry dates vary from one card to another depending on the age of the ID holder.

“We must understand that the IDs were supposed to be done when each and every one was 16 years old, but since this was not the case that is why there are different expiry dates so that each one can register on their expected time according to age.”

Fulatila pleaded that people should not get worried with the expiry dates as the identity cards need to be updated every now and then.

“Let’s not forget that as people we do change so the ID has to give the true reflection of the holder, hence the expiry dates,” he said.

Malawi held the first ever mass registration for the national ID in 2017.

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