Malawians urged to join cholera fight

Malawi Health Equity Network (MEHN) has appealed for concerted efforts in the fight against the cholera outbreak in the country.

Executive Director for the network, George Jobe told YFM online that time has come for a collective response towards the outbreak.

Jobe said that it is the duty of all Malawians to ensure that the risk of contamination is reduced.

He said Malawians need to change certain lifestyles as one way of preventing cholera.

“Malawians must avoid the traditional way of washing hands from one bucket and learn to use running water,” he elaborated.

Jobe stressed that issues of hygiene need to be emphasized momentously in the country to guarantee an active response.

He added that schools must take responsibility in the fight against the outbreak.

“Teachers should sensitize learners to be cautious when buying food,” he advised.

Cholera has currently hit, Karonga, Nkhatabay, Lilongwe and Salima districts.

More than 201 people have been affected country wide with four deaths recorded in Karonga.

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