Dedza men swallow their pride

Men in the areas of Traditional Authorities (T/As) Kachere and Kachindamoto in Dedza have swallowed their pride and are now able to escort their wives to the Hospital before, during and after delivery.

According to Andrew Clement, a male motivator who closely works with Radio Listening Clubs that were established and trained by Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) with Financial Support from UNICEF under Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) Social Accountability, unlike in the past when escorting a woman was viewed as a sign of weakness on the part of men, the situation has greatly improved.

“Men have embraced a different perception due to the involvement of Radio Listening Clubs that sensitize men on the importance of escorting their wives to the hospital,” he says.

“It only took one meeting organized by our young ones at Khulungira for me to feel the need to change and support them.”

A monitoring visit that YONECO conducted in Dedza in the areas of T/A Kachere and T/A Kachindamoto revealed that all the established Radio Listening clubs like Khulungira, Kachule Abraham and Chimoto Mkanda and Tiyese are making great strides on issues of male involvement as a way of promoting maternal health.

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