Nkhatabay chiefs accused of hindering efforts to end child marriages

Some local leaders in the area of traditional authority Mankhambira in Nkhatabay district have been accused of stifling efforts towards ending child marriages.

Child Protection Secretary in Mankhambira, Thom Chunga, said despite the efforts being made, there are other chiefs that use their powers to hinder the project officers from withdrawing children from child marriages.

“It is difficult to intervene in ending a child marriage when the child is related to some chiefs, who use their muscle to sabotage the process,” Chunga said in an interview with YFM online.

Group Village Head Chingaliwa confirmed that some chiefs, including Village Head Kaluza, are indeed perpetrators.

He, therefore, vowed to deal with every chief under him, who is in any way interfering with ending child marriages in his area.

The Girls Empowerment Network (GENET) -under its “Marriage, no child’s play” project, which is a component of the “more than brides” project- has since been working with different communities in Nkhatabay, including T/A Mankhambira.

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