‘2018 will be bad for illicit tobacco traders’ warns TCC

Tobacco Control Commission – TCC says it is still working hard towards the final launch of the tracker project which will help to deal with illicit tobacco traders.

Last year government in conjunction with TCC introduced a pilot tracker project with an aim of verifying from registered farmers if they really have farms in order to deal with intermediate buyers that have been exploiting farmers for many years.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for TCC – David Luka said although the pilot phase has shown efficiency, the commission is looking forward to the final launch of the project so as to champion all irregularities facing marketing of the green gold.

“You may recall that last year we declared war against illegal tobacco buyers in the country, the process of tracking down culprits has been successful but we would wish to do more this year in order to deal with the tendency of robbing farmers,” Luka said

However, Luka was noncommittal on the probable time for the launch of the final project.

“we are still waiting for the annual budget but once approved we are going to launch the final project, you may wish to learn that this project requires enough funding to procure GPS tracker device so as to map all farms of registered farmers,” he said

“Let me assure tobacco farmers that we are working to the needful so that we cut off all illegal traders,” he added.

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