Mobile science laboratories program faces hiccup

An initiative to provide Mobile Science Laboratories to Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSSs) in the country is facing challenges due to inadequate financial support.

In 2016, government promised to provide the services with the aim of making practical lessons in sciences available in CDSS’s.

Ministry of Education (MoH) Spokesperson, Lindiwe Chide said the initiative is yet to reach all CDSSs.

“We have already distributed the Laboratories to 200 CDSSs but we still have a long way to reach all the CDSSs,” said Chide when commenting on the progress of the initiative.

“Our major challenge right now is that we don’t have enough money in our budget to cover all the schools,” she said.

Chide called for more partners to come on board with assistance as the gesture will promote education, especially the science sector.

The mobile equipment for the initiative were purchased by the African Development Bank (ADB).

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