Government admits failure to sensitize people on obstetric fistula

The Ministry of Health and Population has acknowledged its failure to sensitize people on obstetric fistula.

The Principal Reproductive Health Officer in the ministry Sophia Chimwenje told YFM online that so far they are only working in 5 districts, a situation she described as a step not in the right direction.

“UNFPA is helping us implement the initiative in only 5 of the 28 districts which is not good. Many women and girls in the remaining districts are suffering and hopeless because they are definitely ignorant about the problem and may not even know that it is curable,” she added.

Chimwenje cited lack of support and implementing partners as some of the factors leading to their failure.

“To be honest, we are not doing well. We find it hard to deliver sensitization and awareness messages in most parts of the country which is affecting the fight against obstetric fistula. We don’t have enough support from health practitioners and the stakeholders.”

“Currently we only have UNFPA and Freedom from Fistula Foundation as the implementing partners in the initiative, which is not enough,”she said.

Chimwenje has since called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders together with the government in ending the problem.

Obstetric Fistula is a medical condition in which a hole develops in the birth canal as a result of obstructed or delayed childbirth which can result in incontinence of urine or feaces.

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