Malawi doing well in combating illegal immigration

The Department of Immigration says Malawi is doing well in fighting against illegal immigration although the cases seem to be increasing.

Public Relations Officer for the department Joseph Chauwa has confirmed to YFM online that to date they have arrested more than 200 immigrants with 183 arrests in the month of January only.

“We can openly say that the cases of illegal migration in the country are really increasing, but despite that we are making strides and we are good.”

“This year we have managed to arrest more than 200 immigrants and 183 arrests were made in the month of January only, so we are doing our best,” he said.

Chauwa said the positive development is due to the patriotic citizens who tip them on any suspicious acts which helps them to act in time.

“On our own we cannot do much, but with the help of some patriotic citizens who have the country’s security and peace at their hearts, they alert us whenever they notice something suspicious and we are able to follow up,” Chauwa explained.

He said the department normally mounts roadblocks whenever there is suspicious information from those living along the boarders .

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