Analyst calls for swift national youth policy implementation

A political analyst has called on government and political parties to actualize the National Youth Policy to promote youth’s participation in the fourth coming tripartite elections.

Humphreys Mvula said since the launch of the policy during Joyce Banda’s regime, its fruits are barely seen.

Mvula said youths are not being empowered and utilized as stated in the policy.

He said the situation leaves the country hopeless of a youthful leader with fresh visions to develop the country.

“The government should first make sure that the youth policy is put in concrete use and convert it into an appropriate legislation that will enhance the future government to adhere to it,” he said

Mvula also urged the youth to be united and demand direct policies that favor them in their various parties.

“It is also the responsibility of the youths to take to task their party leaders to ensure a future which is guaranteed through education and employment.

They should also demand their rightful roles in their parties and societies to promote their own goals,” Mvula said.

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