FRIM for planting of more indigenous fruit trees

The Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) has appealed to farmers and the general public to plant indigenous fruit trees as a food security and environmental conservation measure.

Through the Malawi Mozambique Sustainable Agriculture Programme(MaMo), Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) has managed to procure and distribute 6000 indigenous fruit trees to farmers.

In an interview with YFM online, FRIM  National Tree Center Manager, Michael Likoswe said indigenous fruit trees are resistant to pests and therefore would assist when hunger strikes.

“Indigenous fruit trees can withstand drought and pests as such they are critical and should be planted in every national tree planting season.”

Likoswe also noted that indigenous fruit trees are on the verge of extinction, not many of them are seen these days.

During the launch of the 2017-2018 national tree planting season In December, minister of natural resources energy and mining Aggrey Masi disclosed that they were targeting to plant 60 million Trees.

The theme for the 2017-2018 tree planting season is, “Restore forests,protect the environment”.

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