Limited participation of women, youth in agriculture worries FUM

Farmers Union of Malawi(FUM) has bemoaned the hesitancy amongst women and youth in the country to partake in different agricultural activities to develop themselves both socially and economically.

FUM President Alfred Kapichira Banda said absence of adequate financial assistance limits rural women’s involvement in commercial farming.

He added that women’s capacity building is of central importance.

“Women need to be empowered and taught new farming techniques,” he said.

Banda cited the use of old models of agriculture in the country as the major factor driving young people away from the sector.

“Countries like Mozambique and Tanzania use tractors, we are still using man made hoes, that can never attract a youth graduate,” he emphasized.

He further highlighted the need to restructure the prices of crops on the market to establish business profitability to attract more youths.

Banda urged government support commercial framing in rural areas.

He suggested that government introduces an agricultural bank to provide financial assistance to farmers in the country.

Youth and women empowerment is one of the key areas of focus of FUM’s  2017-2021 strategic plan.

The plan is beingimplemented under the theme,Towards Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Malawi”.

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