WOLREC optimistic on scaling up number of female candidates in 2019

Women’s Legal Resources Center (WOLREC) has expressed dismay with the low participation of women in the forthcoming by elections.

The recent list of candidates vying for the position of ward councilor for Mangochi North East and Mulanje north east constituencies which the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) released has shown that, there is one female candidate, Donata Nyanga of the Malawi Congress Party who is contesting.

Reacting to the development, Coordinator for women empowered for leadership programme at WOLREC Tisungane Irene Mtonga said, this is a sad development but there is still room for improvement.

According to Mtonga the current work which Civil Society Organisations,government and other stakeholders are putting in to sensitize the masses and encourage women to contest in leadership position in 2019 gives them confidence that more women can come on board.

Mtonga also noted that among other things,most women shun from electoral participation because they face abuses and resistance from other women who display the “pull her down syndrome”.

As it stands only four women hold the position of ward councilor out of 30 councilors in the country.

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