Teachers threaten strike over recruitment

Initial Primary Teachers (IPTE 10) and Open Distant Learning (ODL 5) teachers have threatened that they will carry out mass demonstrations as a way of forcing government through the ministry of education to recruit them.

One of the organizers Mollis Bandawe said they are conducting regional meetings which will determine the exact date for the demonstrations.

“On Tuesday our friends in Mzuzu met to discuss the same issue and other districts are also going to meet to discuss the issue,” Bandawe said.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Lindiwe Chide told the media recently that all the required documents for the recruitment were submitted to the ministry of finance.

However, Bandawe said the teachers are frustrated by the blame game between the ministries of education and finance on the matter.

“The ministry of finance is saying that they received the documents but there are some anomalies that they need to deal with first. The ministries are saying they are both waiting on each other,” he said.

Spokesperson in the ministry of Finance Davis Sado expressed knowledge on the issue.

“We indeed received submission coming from ministry of education on the request they are talking about. We have reviewed the subvention and we are giving it a thought,” he said.

Sado assured the teachers that they will be employed through the coming budget.

“We have committed resources in the coming budget that these teachers should be employed-as you know that when we are recruiting we have to plan well in terms of the wage bill,” Sado said.

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