Malawians urged to utilize eye hospitals

The Society of Medical Doctors has advised Malawians to take caution on diseases that affect the eyes.

The plea has come as Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating the world glaucoma week.

Chairperson for the organization Dr. Amos Nyaka said 15% of blindness in the country is caused by Glaucoma, a disease which affects the eye optic nerves.

Dr Nyaka said Glaucoma is treatable in the early stages but once a person is late, it remains uncured hence requesting people to visit hospitals in the country, at least once a year for cross examination.

“Eyes are one of the delicate parts of a human being hence each and every one has to make sure that they are taking full responsibility of the eyes health status.”

He further said a lot of people in the country have little knowledge on the disease hence hopes that the glaucoma week will help them in sensitizing the masses on the dangers and prevention of the disease.

Dr Nyaka has therefore advised people to avoid using eye drops such as dexamethasone without proper prescription from doctors and must also avoid causing any trauma to the eyes.

People in the country can access treatment in different central and districts hospitals.

Reports indicate that people aged 40 and above are likely to suffer from Glaucoma.

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