Water board to roll out new billing system

Southern Region Water Board says it will roll out its first on-spot billing system in April this year in order to improve efficiency in service delivery.

Public Relations Officer for the Board Rita Makwangwala said the move will among others address bill complaints by customers and will also reduce cost incurs during bill processing.

In the past there have been complaints from SRBWs customers that they were at some point getting bills which are no of their meter readings.

Makwangala has also washed out fears of people that the new system might increase corruption.

“With on-spot billing the meter readings will be done on the spot while the customer is watching and any reading will only be on a radius of the customers’ campus.”

She added that this part of reforms being undertaken by water utility bodies in the country.

“As the country is improving in technology on a daily basis we are not left behind that’s why we are introducing the new system.

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