APAM asks government to invest in criminal investigation

The Association of people living with albinism (APAM) has called on government to invest more in criminal investigation in order to deal with criminals who attack people with albinism.

This has been said following the missing of a person living with albinism on March 9, 2018 in Machinga district.

National coordinator for the organization Boniface Massa said much should be done so that people who deal with investigations should be advanced in knowledge.

“What will be incredible is that these people should be experts and make sure that resources are available when ever in need,” Massa said.

He stressed that this will help as right now the criminals are now vying for the whole body of a person living with albinism which is very worrisome to them.

“We are still leaving in fear because despite the strategies that are being put in place it seems we still have a lot to do,” he said.

Massa also said that it will be better if the police would find ways that once an incident has happened and other suspects are in custody they should find lasting ways of making sure that they are told where the missing person is.

Cases of attacks on people with albinism attacks have been rampant in the country since last year.

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