Citizens urged to embrace developments positively

A social commentator has called upon the citizenry to positively embrace various development initiatives in their areas in order to benefit from them.

Lucky Mbewe made the call amid complaints from communities of Chikowe village in Machinga district that the coming in of electricity in the area is enhancing ill manners and gender based violence that was revealed during road shows that Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) conducted in the area.

“The coming in of electricity in our area has spoiled many youths. They now walk at odd hours going out for entertainment and drinking irresponsibly,”Innocent Godwell, who is the Publicity Secretary for the areas’ youth forum said.

He added: “This exposes them to more abuse such as rape and defilement, which results in early and unwanted marriages.”

Commenting on the issue, Mbewe cautioned the general public to fully understand the kinds of development initiative in their areas, and use them efficiently.

“Development is very necessary for the country’s development, hence people must understand them and utilize them for the country’s development.

“Taking advantage of such developments exercise and practice immoral acts is not condoned, people should learn to be responsible,” he added.

YONECO is implementing the Responding to Gender based Violence project, in Machinga district, with financial support from Trocaire.

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