Water Aid Malawi calls for urgent action on water woes

Water Aid Malawi has called for urgent action on access to safe and potable water in the country.

The whole world remembers World Water Day on March 22 each year and this year the day comes at a time when a large population of Malawians has no access to clean and potable water sources.

“If Governments do not prioritize and fund access to water for all, the marginalized citizens like people living with disabilities, women, people living in remote areas, children and the elderly will be worst affected,” Country Director for Water Aid Malawi, Mercy Masoo said.

Masoo cited a case in South African City of Cape Town where in recent months was hit by shortage of water supply as a wake up call for countries around the world to understand that water as a precious resource, is under threat.

She called for urgent action for access to safe drinking water, as is a recognized human right according to the United Nations treaty.

Masso has urged the civil society organisations in the country to take a step in helping people speak out for their right to safe water, sanitation and hygiene so that the government should take action in ending water problems.

67 percent of Malawi’s Population has access to safe water coverage according to the latest Joint Monitoring Programme, by Unicef and World Health Organisation where the remaining 33 percent has no safe.

According to Water Aid, the water woes will be resolved by 2030 if government will be committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6 which is expected to be reviewed in July this year and will focus on delivering access to water and sanitation.

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