Makhuwira Police Unit in Chikwawa closed after fracas

Chikwawa police has closed down Makhuwira Police Unit following a fracas which happened between the community and the police as the latter was baying for the blood of a man suspected to have killed a woman and removed her private parts.

Chikwawa District Police Office-In-Charge, Assistant Commissioner Davie Chingwalu told YFM that the situation went out of hand as the police refused to bow down to the community’s demand to release the suspect in order to manhandle him.

“They came in large numbers demanding for the release of the suspect so that they deal with him.

“Sensing the danger, the police officers refused their demand and this angered them so much that they went on rampage and started damaging the police unit on top of damaging properties of the police officers in their homes,” Chingwalu said.

He said that more police officers, were deployed from Chikwawa Police Station to calm the situation but by the time they arrived, things had already worsened.

Police have since arrested 14 people in connection with the fracas.

Chingwalu said the suspects are being kept at Chikwawa Police Station and will appear in court to answer various charges.

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