Lack of bridge affects education in Mangochi

The absence of a bridge at Lingamasa River is affecting education in schools under Malombe Education Zone in Mangochi particularly during the rainy season as it becomes impassable.

Head Teacher for Mtuwa Primary School, Lycent Kayira, told YFM the school has an enrollment of over 2,000 learners out of which about 900 drop out of school while three are washed away annually.

“It’s a pathetic situation to see children dropping out of school because they can’t pass through. Furthermore, the risk again comes when the children are being washed away, it’s a very bad situation,” said Kayira.

Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for Malombe Zone Samuel Manyamba expressed knowledge on the issue but said the District Council is reluctant to work on the road claiming it is under the Roads Authority.

“We have been trying to talk to the council on the road but the response we get, is that that road is under Roads Authority,” said Manyamba.

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