ICT association calls for fair internet charges

Information and Communication Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) has called on government to consider removing the exercise duty on internet services in order to increase internet penetration and development in the country.

ICTAM’s Vice President Brian Fudzulani made the call following a recent report by the Internet World Statistics which has rated internet penetration in Malawi at 9%.

In an interview with YFM online, Fudzulani attributed the low penetration to poor infrastructure and high charges of internet services.

“It is true that internet is penetrating at very slow pace and we are not doing enough as a country which is very worrisome.”

“Our country is still imposing high exercise duty and value added tax on the usage of internet. The infrastructure is just so poor and not internet friendly,” Fudzulani said.

He however, urged government to remove these charges so that more people can access internet easily.

“It is our plea to the government to look into these charges and introduce some policies to take them out and offer affordable prices so that more people can afford it and use it for various activities that will help our country to develop,” Fudzulani added.

Currently out of the estimated 19,164,728 people in Malawi, only 15,000 use internet.

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