Unima alumni urged to repay loans

The Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board has urged former student beneficiaries with outstanding balances to repay their loans.

Executive Director for the board, Chris Chisoni said the reluctance by most Alumni to repay their loans has limited the board’s capacity to continue supporting more students.

Chisoni added that much room for others to access the loan can be created if the majority were to pay back their loans

“If the board collects more funds, many students will have the opportunity to benefit from the scheme,” he elaborated.

He added that since the establishment of the system, the number of students applying to be considered has been increasing enormously.

“Demand has increased, the board needs more funds if the demand has to be met,” Chisoni clarified.

In the 2016-2017 academic year 9,317 students managed to secure a loan out of a total of 12,186 students who applied to be considered by the board.

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