Local movie producers urged to combat sexual abuse

A local female movie director and actress says producing movies that raise awareness on issues of abuse and sexual exploitation among girls is very key in promoting and protecting girls rights in the country.

Joyce Mhango Chavula told YFM online that the local movie industry is a powerful tool that can be used as a platform to sensitize girls on their rights and the action that they can take whenever they have been abused.

“We as movie makers can take part in creating and producing awareness movies which can teach and change viewer’s perception on girls abuse and sexual exploitation,” she said.

Chavula further said: “The aims for movies is not to entertain but to teach therefore movie makers consider movies that empower girls on their rights.”

“We make movies to teach people while they are being entertained at the same time, continuous tackling these issues will improve Malawi.”

Despite several efforts by organizations and other stakeholders, issues of abuse and exploitation of girls re still on the rise in the country.

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