Musicians to match against drug, substance abuse

One of the renowned hip pop artist, Gomezyan Kambwili also known as Toast has stressed on the need for concerted effort in promoting awareness on Drugs and Substance Abuse amongst the youth in the country.

Toast told YFM that music is a powerful tool in creating awareness on the impacts of drug and substance abuse amongst the youth.

“We should convey messages related to drug and substance abuse in our songs, by doing so our audience most specific the youth will gain knowledge and change their perception on consuming drugs and substances,” he said.

He further said: “I am participating in campaign which aims at sensitizing the youth on drug and abuse related issues.”

“Say no to drugs is a campaign I am personally participating in order to inform all the people who listen to my music and others to stop consuming drugs and substances,” he added.

Toast has therefore urged all musicians in the country to work hand in hand in communicating information related to drugs and substance abusers among the youth.

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