Poor decisions spoiling football—Analyst

Sports analyst Humphreys Mvula has expressed concern with some of the decisions made by some of the football governing bodies in the country.

Mvula has said this following the decision made by the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) for deducting three points from Nchalo United over a match fixing case during a Carlsberg cup match against Chitipa United last year.

He said the sport’s governing bodies in the country have lost truck.

“This should not happen and it shows how inconsistent and unfair SULOM is because they were not supposed carry on a punishment which its offence was committed in another year and a separate competition.”

Mvula said the punishments were supposed to be given out the same time as it was done with the referees who were involved with the issue.

He added that it will be difficult for the young football bodies to come up with good, concrete and fair decisions if the mother body, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) usually make poor decisions.

Following a lot of complaints that have been made by different officials and supporters Mvula has urged all the people who will vote in the next period to give chance to other people who will bring change to the football fraternity.

He has further added that this is denting the image of the bodies hence it will be difficult for different team officials and supporters to trust them.


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