Malawi Parliament cautioned on president’s age limit

A renowned social commentator has advised the Malawi Parliament not to amend the country’s constitution on president’s age limit.

This follows a call made by Member of Parliament for Dedza East, Juliana Lunguzi to amend the constitution on the age limit for presidential candidates, in the next month’s parliamentary sitting.

Speaking to YFM Online, Rafiq Hajat expressed the need for referendum not decisions by the parliamentarians as the issue is so critical in the constitution of Malawi.

“We should have a nation debate to let people have a say. I don’t think the parliament has powers over this critical issue. I think all presidential candidates must undergo a test if there are fit for presidency,” Hajat said.

He said having a maximum age limit for a presidential candidate can be an infringement of human rights.

“There are some people who are aged but they have charisma and they are wise and fit,” Hajat added.

He gave an example of Maharthir Muhammad who is contesting in Malaysia at the age of 93.

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