Government calls for anti-corruption collaboration

The ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development has called for collaborated efforts in the fight against corruption in the country.

Davis Sado, the ministry’s spokesperson said this following a recent report by Oxfam which indicated that high levels of corruption is one of the contributing factors to economic inequality in Malawi.

“As government we acknowledge such reports because we know they help us to serve Malawians better and we will take proper consideration on the contents,” he said.

However, Sado said that the ministry is making a proper budget allocation to integrity committees that from time to time will be conducting audits in government ministries.

“These integrity committees will be useful in making sure that resources are no misused in the ministries hence the need for the special allocation of funds,” Sado explained.

He also highlighted the need for strengthening its partnership with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in fighting corruption in the country.

“Fighting corruption is a moral issue hence the need for collaborated efforts with different stakeholders so that we can change the mindset of Malawians on the defects of corruption,” he said.

The report by Oxfam, an organization that operates in more than 90 countries, was analyzing economic, wealth and health inequalities among others with the aim of reducing those gaps.

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