ATEM bemoans dwindling education standards in secondary schools

The Association of Teaching English in Malawi (ATEM) has bemoaned the dwindling of education standards among secondary students in the country.

Chairperson of the association from Eastern Education Division, Mervin Kandiyelo told YFM online that lack of sponsorship for training to impart knowledge to English patrons and head teachers are major problems hindering them from accomplishing their goals.

Kandiyelo said the development has resulted in poor performance of students in class and failing of students to speak good English.

“So many impacts have been realized by ATEM for example the performance of student in English as a subject has gone down ;many student have problems in writing, speaking and presenting English,” Kandiyelo said.

He added that he has travelled to various schools to discuss the development with the head teachers and English patrons to determine the future of the association.

Kandiyelo appealed to all stakeholders to partner with the association by offering sponsorship  so that their duties of imparting knowledge to English teachers in the country can resume.

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