Parties are forums for promoting democracy, analyst says

A prominent political analyst has called for seriousness and tolerance during party conventions as one way of promoting democracy in the country.

The Analyst, Mustafa Hussein said this following the ongoing wrangles in the opposition Alliance for Democracy –Aford.

Misunderstandings erupted in the party when the then president Enoch Chihana was replaced by his opponent Frank Mwenefumbo as new president for the party during the convention on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Mwenefumbo gave his acceptance speech to his supporters at the party’s offices in area 47 in Lilongwe and his long time foe Chihana was also elected by delegates at a separate convention on Wednesday.

Media reports also indicated that police accidentally teargased supporters from the Chihana faction in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

Hussein suggested that delegates and contesters should ensure unity of purpose during conventions.

“Parties are forums that are very useful in promoting democratic principles hence the need for serious conventions.

“A healthy competition during conventions will lead to non-chaotic party-non divided party and no element of intra-party democracy,” he added.

AFORD is the first party to hold a convention ahead the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

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