Talent competion launched in Balaka

Its Only Entertainment (IOE) has launched a new talent competition in Balaka called Balaka’s Got Talent aiming at nurturing young talent and helping in building the country’s creative industry.

Speaking to YFM online, Director of Its Only Entertainment, Phyzix said the competition has started well and the event was a success.

“For the first day, we had 25 participants and it turned up that 18 have made it to the second round. The competition will reveal hidden talents and I believe the youth will benefit a lot from this competition,” he said.

The competition will run up to five months and the winner will walk away with money amounting to K 300,000 including sponsoring the winner’s music video and collaboration with musicians like Phyzix, Hyphen, Barry uno and Waksy kay.

The ‘cholapitsa’ and ‘dekha’ star also emphasized that a lot of stakeholder are interested to pledge in the competition which will increase the winner’s prize.

Furthermore, Phyzix emphasized that talent show competitions keeps the youth busy thereby refraining them from indulging in immoral behaviours.

“The competition will keep them busy, they will be training to win the prize hence decline themselves from indulging in immoral behaviours or involve in any other bad activities,” said Cholapitsa as he calls himself.

The competition is to help revealing the hidden talents and trying to improve the country’s entertainment industry.

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