Hajat warns leaders against personalising political parties

Renowned political analyst Rafiq Hajat has condemned the tendency of personalizing political parties in the country.

In an interview with YFM Online, Hajat said the trend of taking political party’s leadership as chieftaincy is fueling challenges facing the country.

“Our leaders feel as chiefs for the political parties if they have that syndrome things happen in the word of Chinua Achebe “things fall apart,” Hajat said.

He further commented that the trend of big man’s syndrome or neopatrimonialism is promoting the negative image because it does not allow democratic debates or competitions.

Hajat however advised political parties in the country not to depend on the leaders for financial support but rather it should introduce the income generating machinery for instance companies and other operations.

He cited lack of this as one component which is perpetuating big man’s syndrome.

Therefore he urged the political parties to practice democratic principles.

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