Mutharika receives letters of credence from Envoys

The Canadian government says it is committed to improving the welfare of girls and women in the country through education.

Canadian Ambassador to Malawi, His Excellency Antoine Chevrier said this on Thursday at Sanjika Palace when President Peter Mutharika was receiving letters of credence from 15 envoys to Malawi.

Chevrier added that among others, his country will improve the bilateral relations with Malawi government as a way of ensuring security between the two countries.

Uganda’s Ambassador to Malawi, his excellence Richard Kabonero said Malawi, is one of the African countries which prioritize rights and freedom of its people hence the bilateral agreement will benefit his country.

Kabonero added that the two countries, will continue sharing their strong desire in making sure that the peace between the two countries is strengthened which will positively improve their economies.

Some of the countries that presented letters of credence include Ghana, Canada, Uganda, Philippines, Australia, Czech Republic and Namibia.

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