Non-tariff measures haunt Malawi’s economy

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism says it is working tirelessly in dealing with the restrictive non-tariff barriers that continue to haunt Malawi’s exports.

The Ministry’s Spokesperson Wiskes Mkombezi told YFM that the country’s exports are mostly faced with import restrictions, undocumented charges, corruption and delays at sea ports that limits the country’s economic growth.

“It is true that Malawian exports are mostly faced with abrupt import restrictions, undocumented charges along transit routes, corruption and delays at sea ports which he said limits the country’s economic growth,” he said.

Mkombezi however was quick to say that government is working on several modalities to bail out the country from the problem.

“As a ministry we are working on various strategies for instance making sure that our commodities are of good quality that will easily match with the standards of the international market,” he said.

Mkombezi added: “We are also engaging our neighboring countries in bilateral negotiations and put up some measures that will be lasting solutions to the problem.”

Malawi is a member of the EBA, AGOA, SADC, COMESA and the Tripartite Free Trade Area Treaties.

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