Drying Lake Chilwa scaring – Chiotha

Environmental expert Professor Sosten Chiotha has urged communities around Lake Chilwa to upscale their efforts in revamping the failing fish industry.

Speaking to YFM online, Professor Chiotha said the drying up of Lake Chilwa and the subsequent decline of fish stocks has chopped off economic opportunities for people within and beyond the fishing community hence the call.

“This lake used to support the livelihood of people living around here and beyond but now that entire story is nothing but history and now its consequences are scaring,” Chiotha who is also the Regional Director of the Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Southern and Eastern Africa said.

Chiotha has asked the citizenry to start practicing environmental care activities such as proper fishing and vegetative conservation in order to reverse the situation.

“Environmental degradation is the very resultant of the current situation, evidence is the status quo on the ground.

“What needs to be done now is that everyone must take the responsibility of taking care of the lake so as to reverse the situation,” he concluded.

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