Cancer Survivors Quest in skin cancer awareness campaign

Cancer Survivors Quest has urged people in the country to seek medical attention and diagnosis when suffering from sores and abnormal skin rashes in a bid to curb skin cancer in the country.

This has been said as the organization is conducting an awareness campaign for skin cancer in the month of May.

Director for Cancer Survivors Quest, Chikhulupiliro Stanley Jnr Ng’ombe, said they noted that there is an information gap therefore they believe that the awareness campaign will help people to know a lot about Skin Cancer.

“There are is an increase in skin cancer patients because they a lot of people do not know that skin cancer can be treated in different central hospitals.”

Ng’ombe said they believe that if the nation holds hands in the campaigns there will be a great change as awareness is meant to change people’s mindset which cannot happen in a day.

“Skin Cancer greatly affects people with albinism hence they have to make sure that they are covered to avoid the direct sun heat.”

He has also called for concerted efforts as lack of resources is the biggest challenge.

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