Study exposes gaps in TB cases

A Life After Tuberculosis (LAT)) study by the Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust has revealed that people who recovered from TB have lung damages and breathing complications.

Jamila Meghji, the principal investigator in the LAT study told YFM that TB patients need to be followed up properly if the burden is to be reduced in the country.

The study recruited about 405 TB patients who were both HIV positive and negative from around Blantyre exposed some of the problems that occur after TB patients finish their treatment.

Meghji said the risks that the patients have are normally to do with the lungs causing breathing difficulties and lung scarring.

During the Study 11 patients died due to the recurrence of the TB disease.

The patients were also encouraged to refrain from smoking and practice good dietary habits.

One of the partakers in the study Francis Marthias Lichapa said he has fully recovered from TB and encouraged other people suffering from the same to take heed of instructions from the hospital because there is hope for recovery

The study began in February 2016 and ended in April 2018.

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