Malawians urged to register for 2019 elections

The National Elections Systems Trust (NEST) has advised people in the country to participate in the electoral process.

This has been said as the organization is about to start sensitization campaigns on voter registration for the 2019 tripartite elections.

The organization’s Executive Director Unandi Banda said every citizen has to make sure that they take part in the process is it is the beginning of a good developing nation.

“When people cast their votes that are one way of expressing what they want and whom they want to rule nation so everyone must register,” he said.

Banda said that development starts with choosing the right leaders and they can only be chosen through elections and they are a very important component for the countries development and unity

He therefore stressed that every citizen must know that voting begins when one has registered and has urged those who are eligible voters to go for registration.

This year’s voter registrations will be conducted in six phases from June 26-October 4, 2018 for a period of 14 days each.

Malawians are expected to cast their vote next year on the 21st of May.

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