Attacks on elderly people worries MANEPO

Malawi Network of Elderly Persons – MANEPO says it is not satisfied with how the country is faring in dealing with cases of attacks on elderly people.

MANEPO Country Director, Andrew Kavala said as an organization that looks at the welfare of the elderly they still believe a lot has to be done to change people’s mindset on their perception towards the elderly.

He said people living close to the elderly are mostly the ones who have the responsibility to look after them.

“We want communities to understand that ageing is a stage that everyone is going to pass through, we do not need to be killing the elderly like dogs they deserve our sympathy,” Kavala lamented.

He however said they are still working with the government and non-governmental organizations in fighting against attacks on elderly people.

“We are pleading with the masses and different stakeholders to join hands and help in reducing the unceasing cases to do with attacks on the elderly,” he said.

10 older men and women have been reported to have been killed this year since January on witchcraft related issues.

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