Analyst deems Malawians too passive

Malawians have come under heavy criticism for failing to hold their leaders accountable.

Chancellor College based political analyst Ernest Thindwa said it is sad that most Malawians are silent when leaders are failing to do the needful instead of taking them to task.

“Politicians in all the parts of the country are the same, if they have a bad conduct it depends on the citizens to pressure them to be the kind of people they want them to be, but the case of Malawi is different, people are just too inactive,” he said.

Thindwa cited an example of national wide peaceful demonstrations which are mostly shunned by many Malawians.

“A recent scenario is that of the April 27 demonstrations, where people did not show up when it was planned that we voice out our cries but the opposite happened,” he lamented.

Thindwa said that the country is in a mess due to the continued presence of recycled politicians who have failed the nation since the advent of democracy.

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